Southern part of Malang has such a beautiful nature, beaches and waterfalls are the main attraction of this part of Malang. Kapas Biru and Tumpak sewu waterfall are two of the best waterfall you gonna see and enjoy. those waterfall lies about 70 km from the centre of the Town, and needs around 2 hours drive by car.

Kapas Biru Falls, is a quite high waterfall with very clean and fresh water. The water coming from the foot of Mount Semeru, it has unique location, because you have to walk down through the small path, it takes around 40 minutes to get there. Along journey to the waterfall you will be entertain with such a beautiful vegetation, river and some small waterfalls. the activities that you can do here are photography and chilling with fresh and clean water .

Tumpak Sewu Falls, the unique waterfall, because it forms like a curtain, so it is on the wall of the rim, and the waterfall is coming from the ground water and mix with the water from local river. in this waterfall we recommend you only walk until the view point, due to the danger of the path to get the waterfall.

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