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Taditional Plowing System

Modern Plowing Machine


Nowadays, so rare to find the villagers cultivate their field by using the cows to work. due to the development of technology right now they use small tractor. but in some small villages in Indonesia, plowing system that use the cows or buffalo are still exist. This is caused by the renting price of tractor are still more expensive. some villagers are could not pay it.

For example, this traditional way are still exist in Banyuwangi, East Java Province. Banyuwangi has a great nature and the people who live here are mostly working in a field as , rice planters, harvesting, and also work in plantation. traditional plowing ways are usually happens only in the morning around 6 am till around 10 am, because the cows are not stand with the heat of the sun. Meanwhile, the people who are use the tractor usually they work almost the whole day on the field.


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